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A Special Wedding Gift For Your Parents?

Just what are wedding mornings like at the ‘brides’ parents house ….. absolute bedlam ! # Last minute ‘panics’, breakfast, dressing, make up, making sure all arrangements are in place, opening presents and flowers. Let’s be fair, this is a ‘very’ special day for a very special daughter and ‘son in law’. It has to be right, so maybe the ‘home’ has been ‘neglected’ somewhat in recent weeks because of ‘current’ priorities ?!

This is where The Cleaning Faerie can help you show your parents that you ‘really’ appreciate everything they have done for you, even if you haven’t told them personally !

Once you have set off for your special day, we transform your parent house back into a home again. In fact we will make it even more ‘amazing’ than it was before!

Return To A Sparkling Clean House After Your Special Day

An Integral Part Of Your Wedding Organiser Diary

We remove all discarded rubbish. We ‘deep’ clean the whole house using our unique wedding day process. Bathroom chrome, porcelain and shower screens will sparkle. Kitchens and appliances will look remarkably different! We tidy and reposition furniture, ornaments and pictures. We can also tidy up your garden from the ‘party’ night before! There are also ‘one or two’ other surprises we have in store … but that is our special secret for you!

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic for you all to return from the church and reception, maybe with guests, to be presented with a clean, tidy and fresh smelling home … you can all finally relax and unwind !

OR maybe, treat yourself to a ‘new home’ on the return from your honeymoon. You have just spent an emotional time away, at your ‘special’ location …. Probably ‘hotel clean’ ! Wouldn’t it be additionally ‘special’ to come back to a ‘hotel clean’ home !!

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At The Cleaning Faerie we have become quite good at this service, because we are not just your average cleaning company. In fact we are ‘not just’ a cleaning company. We have a process to make everyone’s environment that little bit special.


Making Everyone’s Environment That Little Bit Special!