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Estate Agents & Letting Agents

Immediate Property Appeal?


Having refurbished a few properties in our time, all of which sold very quickly with little or no discount, we know a bit about presentation and preparation for sale.

Whether you are an owner, estate or lettings agent, you need ‘immediate’ impact when first on the market, so it stands out from the rest. It becomes a commodity rather than a home. Our process transforms the ‘home’ into a saleable commodity, whilst still retaining a modicum of character and that ‘je ne sais quoi’!


Faerie Clean Service 24/7#

There are various stages in our ‘sales & lettings’ process, ranging from deep cleaning and / or organising, through to ‘saleable and lettings refurbishment’. We have tackled some awful ‘ex lets’ and turned them round in 24/7 (we are NOT just 9 ‘til 5). Whichever process is chosen, you can be assured that the property will be presented in such a way that it provides an ‘immediate appeal’ to potential buyers or tenants. If a ‘homely cottage’ ’ appeal is needed, we can cater for that also. We work on a ‘menu pricing’ basis after our initial visit and comprehensive report.


The ‘Curb Appeal!

How appealing is your own shop window, and does it ‘invite’ customers in ? The same applies to property frontages. How many people just ‘drive by’ with a list of several others to view, only to tick some off the list just because the frontage is a ‘state’ ! Our inexpensive frontage ‘makeover’ service can change this scenario !

Unsold or Rented Properties

Whether it be new properties for sale or rent, or existing properties that have been ‘popped’ in the bottom draw due to ‘lack of interest’, we can assist with all. We are sure that you already have dealings with cleaning companies, but we are also confident that they do not have the initiative that we have ! Why not try us out ?