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Pressed for Time?

Great isn’t it, all those clean and folded clothes neatly arranged in drawers, or hanging in the wardrobe, so you can select whatever you want, whenever you want.

Perfect in theory but in practice after washing and drying, clothes and bedding are normally ‘hidden away’ piling up somewhere, like Vesuvius awaiting eruption!

Washing is the easy bit (bet the partner offers to do it), ironing on the other hand ... what a task!

We Can Take The ‘Load’ Off Your Mind

Our new ironing service ‘Pressed for Time’, may just be the solution for busy people, large families or those just back from holiday, who are quite honesty just pressed for time! Relax for a while and allow us to take the ‘load’ off you.

A Professional Service Throughout

Our personal ironing service is specifically tailored for your individual needs. Baskets, hangers or clothes covers, we can accommodate all readily.

Collection (or drop off) & Delivery Service
Clothing & Bedding
Arrangements at Your Convenience
Garments Covers
Clothes Hangers
Executive & Holiday Service Available