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Home & Garden Makeover

Revitalise Your Life & ‘Declutter’ Your Home


Life is generally very ‘hectic’ and often, things can get a little out of hand over a period of time around the house, before you actually realise it. Your living environment can get a little bit ‘disorganised’ which may cause ‘friction’ within the family. This is where we can greatly assist !

We use our Faerie ‘deep’ clean process on your home however, we also ‘declutter’ and reorganise the interior, and even the exterior (if you wish). We work on a ‘menu pricing’ basis following a comprehensive visit and report, or can just offer expert advice and work with you, along with your personal budget. Our ‘deep’ clean process can be viewed on our residential page.

Family Harmony


With our makeover process, internally we can rearrange soft furnishings, pictures, ornaments and plants, improving storage space and removing any unwanted ‘rubbish’. Superficially, we can completely change the appearance of your home, over one or two days, and even ‘revamp’ the garden so you can actually enjoy it (like relaxing and enjoying that holiday hotel garden !)

We can also quite easily ‘revamp’ your kitchen or bathroom to make it look ‘nearly’ like new, so you do not have the cost of actually replacing it. Our fact sheet explains all !

A Life Changing Process!

It may be just a little bit of help you need, or a complete ‘life changing’ process. Either way we think you will enjoy the experience. We work with your family along the way, so that you all feel very ‘involved’, including the kids !

If you are considering moving home, our Home & Garden Makeover service will make an impact and create a good impression with visiting prospective purchasers, over and above similar houses for sale ! (see our Sales & Lettings page for full details).

Enjoy a Fresh New Lifestyle

So … if you wish to enjoy a fresh new lifestyle and clear your mind, or makeover the house ready for sale, ‘enhance’ the price and let it stand out from the crowd, this is not a complicated or expensive process. It is the finishing touches and final presentation that make a difference !