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House Cleaning

#Being ‘busy’ people ourselves, we can completely empathise with your ‘current’ predicament, attempting to juggle home and work life, balancing both but not achieving 100% at each ! How many times have you sat on the sofa in the evening after a stressful day at work or home, wishing you could just ‘magic’ up a little ‘assistance’ to get all the cleaning and tidying done for you.

Well .. now your ‘inner thoughts’ and your wish can be granted !


We appreciate the fact that your ‘home’ is your ‘castle’. Our sole aim is to re-create that comfortable personal environment that will undoubtedly ‘unclutter’ your mind, ‘freshen’ up your life, allowing you to concentrate on ‘more important issues’.

Time is a very valuable commodity and we are fairly sure you would rather use it more effectively.

Home Transformation

At The Cleaning Faerie we can make a world of difference to your daily life (our clients words, not ours).


No matter what size or style your home, we have had remarkable effects on all areas. Bathrooms, kitchens, mirrors and glass will particularly sparkle. Whether you experience one of our really deep cleans or a regular weekly maintenance visit, both involve our unique Faerie Clean Process. Ovens and carpets also dealt with !

Once you have experienced one of our ‘deep’ cleans, you will wonder why you ever thought of replacing that kitchen or bathroom !

You will have to experience our process to fully appreciate it (it is not just cleaning). Once tried however, we are fairly confident you will not return to your average cleaning company ! The response we experienced during our start of business in Kidderminster, confirms this.

A Fresh Start

There is never a better time to start a fresh and new approach to your lifestyle, and improve your mental and physical ‘wellbeing’, so why not give us a ‘Tinker’ bell to find out what we can do for you ?

Grant YOURSELF a little ‘wish’ for a change and ‘magic’ up …...........................................