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Office Cleaning

We are ‘modern contemporary’ office cleaning specialists in the West Midlands, and we maintain a ‘pristine’ working environment, which includes our clear desk policy !

Based in Worcestershire we are an inspirational cleaning company with a difference !


Our career backgrounds ensure we are entirely thorough, professional, efficient and ‘robust’ where office cleans are concerned.

We do however appreciate that people mostly spend more time at work than at home, so we apply the same attention to detail as we do for a home clean. (plus a few of our surprises, even for offices!).

We actually ‘care’ about the working environment of others, and not surprisingly so do our ‘office’ cleaners.

Transforming Your Working Environment


Our Faerie Clean Office Process ensures that your personal and communal surroundings are transformed into a pleasant working environment, something both staff and customers will notice. Our aim is to present the office to your staff in the morning in such a way, that it clears the day for more productive thinking.

Office Carpet Cleaning

Contract Office carpets are unintentionally ‘abused’ due to them being ‘purely functional’. This is often overlooked ! Our equipment and products ensure thoroughfares are revitalised, and a pleasant smell returned to your working environment.

The Cleaning Faerie Difference

Our comprehensive office service ensures that your expectations are not only met but far exceeded. We are NOT just a ‘flick & a dust’ company ! If you are entirely happy with your current cleaning contractor that is fantastic, excellent service is a rare occurrence. If not, why not give us a bell to discuss your ‘deep office’ or regular maintenance clean requirements.