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Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpets, like anything new you look around for ages contemplating which one to buy, you have them fitted, and rub your fingers through the pile, # because new carpets ‘do that’ to you ?! You congratulate yourself for your choice whether it be for durability or decoration purposes... and don’t they smell fresh.

However, after a very short time, they suffer dirty footsteps, drink and food spillages, kids crayons and other stuff ! Your carpet becomes just a floor covering that has to be ‘hoovered’ several times a week. They get to look a bit ‘tired’ don’t they ?

It is not only the carpet’s looks that suffer, can you imagine what ‘lurks’ beneath that fluffy pile, and the kids play on the floor!


The Cleaning Faerie Deep Clean Restores Your Carpets

This is where a ‘deep’ carpet clean by The Cleaning Faerie can really make a difference to your environment.


The equipment and products we use ensures that your carpet is totally ‘freshened’, the pile ‘re-fluffed’, and the colour restored. Remember, dirt and grime goes VERY deep into your carpet, and vacuuming alone will not suffice ! A freshly cleaned carpet by The Cleaning Faerie may look and smell fantastic, but ‘just’ looks are not everything ! So we provide you with a ‘sample’ of the dirty water showing you ‘exactly’ what has been removed … we think it will really surprise you !


We can clean and freshen your upholstery, which will produce a similar effect.

Let Us Transform Your Office Carpets


Where office space is concerned, we apply the same attention to detail. Contract office carpets tend to be ‘abused’ unintentionally, due to them being mainly ‘purely functional’. Often they are overlooked, and then they suddenly need replacement.

Our equipment and cleaning products, will ensure that your office carpet ‘thoroughfares’ are revitalised, and a pleasant smell returned to the working environment.