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Introduction of The Cleaning Faerie

An Alternative Cleaning Service

Our whole intention when establishing ‘The Cleaning Faerie’ in Kidderminster was to develop an ‘alternative’ service to the ‘average’ cleaning company. After much thought, preparation (and testing), ‘The Faerie Clean’ process was developed, and we entered a ‘Magical World’!

Maybe it was because of our ‘intensive interaction’ with ‘normal’ people from all walks of life during our professional careers, our ‘hands on’ experience regarding property caring and development, or maybe it was simply because we actually listened to what people wanted, and delivered more than expected … it was an immediate success !

Well, that was the start. Now further on down the line, we have a wide range of professional clients both domestic and commercial in Worcestershire, Shropshire and the West Midlands, growing healthily due to the regular flow of referrals obtained. The quality of our workmanship and attention to detail we give is certainly being noticed, resulting in many testimonials. Our portfolio of services has also flourished following numerous requests.

An Inspirational Cleaning Company

We like to think of ourselves as a ‘lifestyle’ company. We are certainly an inspirational cleaning company ‘with a difference’. It is often stated that we have changed our clients perspective of home and work life, which is lucky really because that is exactly what we set out to do … we ‘unclutter’ people’s minds and allow them to concentrate on more important issues !

The Cleaning Faerie may be different but that is intentional. We adopt the same professional attitude, thoroughness and efficiency in our approach to business and our workmanship, domestic and commercial. We are also very robust in all work areas, so do not be discouraged by our ‘fluffy’ image !

Cleaning Staff With Initiative

ALL of our cleaning staff are very carefully selected. They receive intensive training to ensure our exacting standards are regularly maintained. They have to possess many qualities besides being just excellent cleaners. This forms part of our company mandate, and is crucial to our steady growth. All of our staff are extremely dedicated, and feel rewarded by being part of an enthusiastic team.

We hope you enjoy our website content, there is more of a story to tell than we can fit in all these pages, plus a few more surprises. Just give us a ‘Tinker’ bell to find out what !